Create Healthy Spaces for Honey Bees

Creating healthy spaces for honey bees is a milestone when it comes to gardening. Honey bees seem to be a viable option. There are a lot of things that you need to know about the honey bees to help you make decisions and to know how you will handle them.

Can I keep honey bees without harvesting?

Honey bees are known to be diligent when it comes to the collection of nectar and other ingredients that are used in making honey. It is important to know that they collect honey so that when winter comes they will use it as food. Therefore, they usually collect honey in excess which can allow you to harvest some honey but you should not empty the beehive.

However, if you choose to keep the honeybees without harvesting honey then you should be very vigilant on it because if the bees might swarm away now that there is no enough space for the queen to lay eggs. Therefore, you will have to move the honeycomb frames from the brood area to create more room. Alternatively, you can create some room by splitting up the colony to a new give before they choose to swarm away.

Does honey production harm the bees?

Bees produce honey by gathering the necessary components which will eventually be used in making honey. Therefore, it is usually a coordinated process that goes on successfully. The challenges that the Bees experience is during harvesting of honey because some people are careless and they end up hurting the bees. Others overharvest the honey leaving bees with no food in the beehive which is a wrong practice.

How can we save honey bees?

Saving the honey bees is a collective responsibility that should be embraced. The bees’ habitats have been threatened because of the continuation of urban sprawl. Therefore, you need to plant a bee garden that is conducive for the breeding of the bees. The garden should be friendly to the bees. Plant flowers that have nectar and avoid others such as hybrid flowers. You need to plant them at intervals because bee focusses at one flower at a time. Additionally, you should avoid the use of harmful pesticides because it is harmful to the bees. You can also create a bee bath and if you have some trees around then it will be a conducive environment for the bees.