Honey, Signs and Stickers

The Healthy Bees = Healthy Gardens’ Eugene neighborhood campaign is funded by the sale of “bee friendly” yard signs, stickers, and honey from our various neighborhood hives. Each jar of honey is uniquely labeled with the location it was harvested! If you would like to purchase any of these items, call us at 541-914-2914, or email us at info@healthybeeshealthygardens.com. Prices are as follows:

Prices (not including shipping)

Signs & Stickers 

$3.50 – Large sticker

$1.50 – Small sticker

$12.50 – Yard sign with stake

$8.50 – Yard sign without stake


$15.50 – 1lb jar

$12.50 – 12oz bear

A discount on all prices is available to anyone who signs our Bee Friendly Pledge!