How to Build a Low Maintenance Garden in Sydney’s Climate

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Sydney is home to some of Australia’s most stunning gardens. With world-renowned gardeners and landscapers, residents of Sydney are constantly searching for the most reliable tips and tricks to help their gardens flourish. The climate around Sydney is unique and poses its own set of challenges. In this article we’re going to outline everything you need to know about designing a garden on your premise in harmony with Sydney’s climate. 

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How Does Sydney’s Climate Change During the Seasons?

The important thing to keep in mind when designing a garden is whether or not the plants you select will withstand fluctuations in the climate throughout the various seasons. Sydney’s climate typically affords sunny and warm winters, moderate winters with rainfall spread throughout the entire year. Typically, the seasonal weather in Sydney is as follows:

  • Summer: Between December and February, temperatures in Sydney’s summer waver between 18-27°c. It should be noted that during the summer, the western suburbs of Sydney tend to be roughly 2-5°c hotter than those on the coast, such as Sutherland Shire, because they have less exposure to the abating sea breeze. 
  • Autumn: During March and May, Autumns in Sydney are the least humid months of the year. The temperatures in Sydney’s autumn range between 14-23°c. The months in Autumn and Winter tend to bring the most rainfall from easterly winds. 
  • Winter: Between June and August, the temperatures in Sydney drop to anywhere between 8-17°c. The month of June most commonly brings the highest degree of rainfall. 
  • Spring: Between the months of September to November, springs in Sydney are humid, but not as humid as Summers. Temperatures Spring range between 11-23°c.

What Kind of Plants Thrive in Sydney’s Climate?

Bearing in mind Sydney’s seasonality, there are a range of plants that thrive in Sydney’s climate. A recent study by horticulturalist Jimmy Turner tested up to 200 different plants in Sydney’s climate to determine which were the most integral. Of the top 40 found, the top 10 plants that thrive in Sydney’s climate are:

  1. Lobularia ‘Snow Princess’ – A unique and easy to grow flower with white blooms that last throughout the seasons. A brazen plant that thrives in hot or cold climates. 
  2. Euphorbia ‘Stardust’ – A low maintenance water plant that sprouts an abundance of tiny white flowers in the more humid months. Flourishes in Sydney’s climate and requires little maintenance. 
  3. Salvia hybrid ‘Mystic Spires Blue’ – A bird attracting fragrant plants with deep purple-blue flowers that sprout in Spring. This member of the sage family thrives best with partial shade in Sydney’s climate, making it a perfect choice for a cottage style garden. 
  4. Bidens hybrid ‘Rockstar’ – being from the Asteraceae family, the Bidens ‘Rockstar’ sprouts a bright yellow flower. In Sydney’s climate, they have the potential to flower all-year-round. 
  5. Buddleia ‘Wisteria Lane’ – This butterfly attracting bush grows perfectly in full-sun. During Spring, Summer and Autumn, rich-pale violet flowers grow.
  6. Alyogyne ‘Blue Heeler’ – Growing up to 30 centimetres in height, this plant sprouts a beautiful purple flower that flourishes in Sydney’s climate.  
  7. Delosperma ‘Wheels of Wonder Orange’ – With brightly coloured orange flowers in the summer, this zealous and evergreen plant grows best with partial shade and well drained soil. 
  8. Veronica ‘Sun Kissed Dark Blue’ – This bushy and vertical violet-blue flower blooms during the Spring and Summer, yet remains healthy throughout the entire year. Being a bush, it’s happiest in full-sun with well-drained soil. 
  9. Lavdender ‘Aromatico Blue’ – An easy to grow lavender & aromatic violet-blue flower blooms in the warmer and more humid months, yet remains hearty throughout the colder seasons. It can grow up to 35cm in height, making it a perfect background for garden beds. 
  10. Isotoma ‘Fizz N Pop Glowing Violet’ – if you’re looking to attract bees and other insects to your garden, this beautiful violet flower is nectar-rich and perfect for borders in soft landscaping design. 

Where Are the Best Gardens Located Around Sydney?

Undisputedly, some of the most stunning garden designs are located in Sutherland Shire. Most notably are Wolf Trees & Gardens, Sutherland Memorial Park and Joseph Banks Native Plants Reserve. If you’re looking for inspiration for your garden in Sutherland Shire or Sydney, be sure to visit these stunning reserves. 

Where Can I Find Competent Landscapers in Sutherland Shire?

If you have some grand ideas for your garden but don’t have the time to implement them, you may want to consider hiring external landscaping services. With the Easterly breeze, gardens in Sutherland Shire thrive healthily at optimal temperatures. If you’re looking for professional landscapers in Sydney, you may want to consider giving Entrenched Landscapes a call. Although small, their business is developing a name for themselves in modern contemporary garden designs that bolster the value of a premise. For any queries, get in contact with their office to discuss how they can go about actualising your vision for your garden. 

Where Can I Go For More Information on Gardening in Sydney?  

If you’re looking for more information on the kinds of plants that will thrive best in your garden, you might want to consider checking out websites such as Plant Haven. With a myriad of profiles, articles and guides on planting a various array of horticulture, you can be sure that their website has everything you need to know about the optimal growing conditions for your desired plants. Alternatively, you could consider calling your local garden communities for first-hand information.

Remember, if you’re planning on getting a garden started in your backyard but don’t have the time or patience to do so, you might want to consider calling your local landscaping authorities. The best way to find the most affordable price on landscaping services is to call multiple associations to compare between their administered quotes. This way, you will be able to compare and contrast between the different services on the conditions of pricing, reputation and willingness to bring your vision for your outdoor sanctuary to life. 

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