Keep Your Garden Healthy With Bees

Bees are one of the most beneficial insects that are alive today. They play a key role in plant pollination. Plants need to undergo pollination so that they can reproduce and perpetuate their species in the world. With this in mind, gardeners can use this ability of the bees to help their garden grow. As the saying goes, the presence of healthy bees in a garden indicates a healthy garden with bee pollination.

Making a Bee-Friendly Garden
There are many ways that a person can make his garden bee-friendly. First, he must cultivate a variety of plants that will produce flowers. Bees need nectar and they get it from flowers.

Second, a gardener can also plant hairy plants. Some species of bees collect hairs from plants to build their nest.

Third, he can make use of a bee hotel or a bee nest. A bee hotel is beneficial when you want to attract solitary bees. This also increases the likelihood of varying species of bees to visit your garden. On the other hand, making a nest will give a queen bee a place to hibernate during the cold months.

Fourth, keep your weeding to a minimum. Do not remove all the weeds out. Most of them also provide nectar to bees that is why these insects also get attracted to them. Fifth, you can build a bee bath. Bees also look for places that they can cool themselves. You can provide a small container filled with water. You need to change the water daily to keep it fresh every time the bees use it. In time, the bees will know where to cool off after a day’s work. Lastly, do not use pesticides as this can harm these insects. Instead, you can look for natural alternatives that can repel bugs.

Benefits of Bees in a Garden
Bees are important in pollinating plants. They collect nectar from one flower to another. As they land on one flower, some pollen will stick to their bodies. When they go to another flower, some pollen can be rubbed on the stigma of the other flower, making it fertile. Fertile flowers ensures that an offspring will be produced. This ensures the survival of that plant species.

Bee-Friendly Plants
The best bee-friendly plants are those that can give a high yield of nectar or has characteristics that can make a bee attracted to them. The best plants that can give good amounts of nectar are flowering plants. Some examples of these are Lavender, Hawthorne, Mahonia, and Viper’s Bugloss. Plants that have special characteristics, like scent, can also attract many bees. Some of these include Bluebells and Rosemary.

Consider Marigolds
Marigolds can be planted if you want to limit the amount of bees that go into your garden. Some studies indicate that the scent of marigolds deter specific species of bees. However, it has also been noted that honeybees are not repulsed by Marigolds. It is not a good idea to include this plant if you want to have a variety of bees in your garden. However, if you only want honeybees to visit, then you can consider Marigolds.