Take the bee pledge

Honeybees are responsible for every third bite of food we eat! Show your appreciation by taking the pledge to be a friend of healthy bees!

Did you know that pesticides are widespread in the environment? In fact, bees come into contact with pesticides so often that, over a period of five years, the wax in a beehive can become toxic enough to kill bees. This fact led us to launch our Friends of Healthy Beespledge.

By taking the pledge, you are helping to eliminate some of the toxic burden borne by bees. You can also help educate the community by encouraging your neighbors to take the pledge, starting a no-spray program in your neighborhood, or displaying our “No Spraying Please” yard signs. For information about purchasing  yard signs, stickers, or honey, contact Jen Hornaday at 541-914-2225 or healthybeeshealthygardens@gmail.com.

“I support the “Friends of Healthy Bees” campaign for bee-friendly, pesticide-free gardens in Lane County. 

In the interest of protecting our neighboring families, pets, honeybees and gardens, we the undersigned residents pledge to refrain from using pesticides and any other harmful chemicals (Weed and Feed, Round Up etc.) on our property. We request that our City and County partner with us to commit to pesticide-free policies to protect bees and children from pesticides on all public property.”