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How to transform small space through landscaping

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When you come into the world of gardening, you find out that bigger always isn’t better. Along with the time and effort that goes into maintaining the flora, it also becomes expensive at times. Especially for people living in the urban area, it can be next to impossible to find a spacious area as well. Small, cozy space when taken care of can be equally enjoyable to hang out in. These miniatures garden can be of cozy retreat at all times and here a few ways to make the most out of small yards and patios in your home, stated Landscaper Brisbane.

To make sure that the area gives out the vibe of a getaway, greenery is required. So look for plants that don’t take up a lot of space and grows upright. These plants helps provide you the fresh air you need and is a one-time investment. Green giants of maple and cherry can also provide you shade without taking up a lot of scape.

In case you are fond of gardening, use the edge of the fence to grow your favorite trees and leave the center space empty. A grassy nook in the center can be a great place to lie around during golden hour. This can be great for children and pets and gives you an illusion of a bigger space. If you are as savvy, choose plants that don’t grow fast, requires less maintenance and does not take a lot of space.

Another way to garden the plants is through a hanging garden or a vertical box garden. As long as you have got a bare wall or the fence, you can grow shrubby flowers, crawlers/creepers or even tend to gardening vegetables. Miniature plants are great for this kind of gardening. Whether it is mini succulents or terrariums, they never fail to please us.

Small pools or fountains can also provide a sense of rejuvenation and luxury. Fountains can also include aquatic plants like water lily and lotus. Styling can always differ to make your space look more or less aesthetic. With an additional seating hub even the smallest of yard can be welcoming. A cultured pergolas above the seating area can look magical with the good choice of fragrant creepers like jasmine and wisteria.

Give the backyard a little bit of contrast with tiles or brickwork. Red color of the bricks can give a contrast to the greenery of the plants. A mosaic of pebbles in the pathway also introduces colors with a detailed artistic look. A small fireplace can also be kept if desired. This makes it convenient to stay by the fire on chilly evenings or take a dip in the pool during warm nights. Another timelessly charming element can also be a wooden swing set.

So these are the few ways in which you can transform your small space into a sensational yard. Styling such spaces not only helps you rejuvenate but also helps boost intimacy. Visual relief helps you deal with stress better so if you are having thoughts to restructure your yard, it surely won’t be a regretful decision.

Healthy Bees = Healthy Gardens in the Register-Guard!

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Check out this great video and article from the Register-Guard about the volunteer work we are doing in schools:

A portion of the proceeds from the upcoming Benefit for Bees as well as from your generous donations go to continuing our ability to volunteer in community schools.

Zipper Pulls are Here!

Zipper pulls are $6.00 each and come in a variety of colors and pollinators.
If you contact us to make a mail order, please specify which pollinator you are ordering.

Apply to Host-a-Hive!

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Healthy Bees = Healthy Gardens is a successful local business that is growing and looking for help.  We are now accepting applications for our 2015 volunteer programs, Host-a-Hive and Mentorship programs.

Host-a-Hive is an opportunity to connect with your neighbors in order to create a pesticide-free block win Eugene; a hive can be placed on your property and you will learn about the life cycle of bees while having them pollinate your flowers and fruit crops.  Bees will help increase the quality and quantity of your fruit, vegetables and flower gardens.  Program cost is $500, which includes purchase of a new Langstroth hive and the beekeeper’s time to do the necessary work of hive keeping.

The Mentorship Program is an opportunity to learn about apiculture (raising bees) by helping experienced bee keepers work with bees in the neighborhood hives of the Host-a-Hive program.  You will learn the skills you’ll need to be a successful, independent beekeeper.  Volunteers should be in good health and have the ability to lift 50 pounds – honey can be surprisingly heavy.  Program cost is $300, trainee supplies own Langstroth hive if necessary.

Other volunteer opportunities available – include help with our website, feeding bees when necessary , and other field chores.

Please e-mail Jen Hornaday at info@healthybeeshealthygardens.com, or send an application to Jen at 65 East Maynard Avenue, Eugene OR 97404.  Include your name, address, phone number, and e-mail.

Holiday Markets

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Please come show your support for Healthy Bees = Healthy Gardens and our precious pollinators by buying Pollinator Jewelry, Local Raw Honey, Propolis, Wax, Candles, Stickers, Signs, & Mason Bee Houses made by Village School students! ( 75% of bee house sales goes to the Bee Education program at The Village School.)

Healthy Bees = Healthy Gardens will be at:

The Holiday Market at The Fairgrounds in Eugene on Sundays for 5 weekends starting November 19 (11 am – 6 pm).We will be in The Farmers market room next to River Bend Farms. See info about the Holiday Market Here.
Holiday Bazaar at the Elmira Grange November 17 & 18 (9am – 4pm) – 88764 Sprague Rd. Elmira 97437
Holiday Bazaar December 2 (9 am – 3 pm) at 1400 Lake Drive – Emerald Park

Please contact Jen @ 541-914-2914 for questions, if you want to schedule a private honey tasting, or if you can help with any of the events.
Thank you for your support!

Join Healthy Bees = Healthy Gardens at Mountain Rose Herbs

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Join us at the Mountain Rose Herbs Mercantile on June 20th in celebration of our pollinator friends and the summer solstice!

Mountain Rose Herbs will have free tea, live music and a raffle.

Plus, a percentage of sales that day will support our work.

Show Moms & Bees Some Love on Mother’s Day!

Benefit For Bees

Healthy Bees = Healthy Gardens is hosting a benefit for bees on May 14 at Whirled Pies in Eugene at 199 W 8th.

Join us from 2pm to 5pm for a great family event with silent auction items and Coconut Bliss ice cream!

There will be prayer flag making, a coloring table, and music by Rob Tobias with special guest Paul Biondi.All donations are tax deductible and will go toward the bee education program.

Learn How to Create Healthy Spaces for Honey Bees

Jen Hornaday of Healthy Bees=Healthy Gardens will be speaking at the Elmira Grange on Saturday November 21. The presentation will feature how to create healthy spaces for honey bees & how to invite pollinators into your yards to help increase your fruit, flower, & vegetable production!Jen will be speaking from 11am-12pm and there will be honey tasting and pollinator jewelry & honey for sale from 11am-2pm. Elmira Grange is located at 88764 Sprague Street in Elmira 97437.